Each day, meat processing businesses have to schedule and control production, monitor real-time performance, costs and margins, and ensure integrity across everything they produce. But when margins are already slim, the choices they make meat and livestock productivity software could be crucial to operational success.

At SI, we have an in depth understanding of the meat and livestock industry as our heritage is rooted in this sector. We understand the intricacies of planning and forecasting, cutting and boning, production and meeting customer expectations as our people have direct experience within the industry. Every day, we’re focused on solutions to meet your challenges, whether its improving the value chain, finding ways to reduce hanging stock and freezer costs, or reducing the opportunity to have to downgrade meat.

“SI understands our business, they understand how the meat industry works. Integreater was the outstanding candidate when we look at the market place”.
DB Foods

When your business wants operational excellence across your meat or livestock production, Integreater® can connect every part of your meat processing business – seamlessly. And as Integreater has been designed by food productivity experts for the specific needs of the sector, you can be sure that it will always be compliant with the requirements of technical, legislative, regulatory and supply issues for meat preparation and production.

“We chose Systems Integration because of their unique specialisation in our industry. Their commitment to service and genuine interest in the success of our company sets them apart from the competition.”
Vantage Foods, USA

Integreater – meat and livestock productivity software your way

At Systems Integration, we are committed to the meat and livestock food productivity industry and to producing world-class solutions to match the sectors’ needs. We continually invest in our product development and in depth knowledge, honed over 25 years, of the meat processing industry. From abattoir, boning and yield, through to retail pack and value added products, we understand the intricacies of the meat processing industry.

With Integreater at the heart of your operations, you will be able to:

  • set up the solution to complement your current production operation rather than having to adapt your systems or processes to the system’s design
  • review real-time data capture across your processes and gain full traceability
  • run cost modelling to work out profitability and enable you to understand which products you should produce, according to market fluctuations
  • define your KPIs and monitor at every stage of production
  • be assured that Integreater will grow with your business.
If your business wants operational excellence across meat and livestock production, Integreater® can connect every part of your operations – seamlessly.

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“We needed a system to grow with us … Integreater could do that.