Cheese grading software – designed for the way your business runs

Integreater® has revolutionised the way that cheese grading data is captured and stored, to provide operators with ready access to information on batches or specific products, no matter where they are located.

We understand that stock control is of paramount importance to cheese manufacturers.  When you have control of your stock,  you have control of your business.  But when the stock is constantly changing, due to the maturation process, this provides added complexity.

Integreater’s cheese grading application captures and stores grading information, automatically updating the entire batch when a block is graded and reminding you when it’s due to be re-graded.

The cheese grading application provides a real-time view of every block of cheese, its grade and where it’s located, to ensure that older stock is not forgotten. And to ensure that your customers have the right products, Integreater automatically identifies which products are suitable based on the cheese profile.

Traceability the way you need it

Designed to enable cheese processors to quickly and easily record grading information, the application captures data through the use of portable, handheld data capture devices. Electronic data capture not only ensures complete visibility and traceability, but reduces recording errors typical in manual paper based records.

When information changes need to be applied to all products within a batch, this is governed through automatic updates. For instance, when an item is re-graded from mild to mature, Integreater® changes all the product codes within the batch accordingly and to ensure the integrity of the data is maintained. The solution also provides the flexibility for authorised staff to manually edit information when necessary.

To minimise errors in recording grading data, category options are limited to the particular product in process. For example, the available choices for a Cheddar will be restricted to the grade, sub grade and age of that type of cheese.

And when operators need to access information, Integreater® enables them to do so within seconds, eliminating the need to refer to reams of paperwork.

Reporting with ease

Reporting is simple. Just select who should receive each report, when, how often and define what information needs to be provided. For example, what products are due for inspection in the following week or are any overdue items.

The grading application can then be configured so that the necessary reports are automatically generated, including QA and grading information, and emailed. Reports can also be produced on demand.

Stock valuation

Integreater® not only provides details of current stock levels, but also enables quickly and easy access the value of stock as it is graded. This is achieved by identifying any variances, stock anomalies and rejections against the standard cost.

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