The UK dairy industry is committed to delivering safe, wholesome and high quality milk and dairy products to customers. It’s a highly regulated market with complex legislation that needs to be demonstrated across the supply chain.

At Systems Integration, we understand the cheese production process; from monitoring the maturation process, recipe implementation and the flow of the production line through to the block of cheese being cut, labelled and put into the store room.  With Integreater, the whole of your cheese production process is covered:

  • Cheese make sheet – efficient data collection of batch make condition at VAT stages
  • Block storage and cheese grading – storing cheese, moving stock around the warehouse, live visibility of stock and having a view on how each cheese is ‘moving’ through the maturation cycle.
    By doing this you can use blocks at the right time to maximise revenue.
  • Reporting – having the ability to look at how cheese make conditions – i.e. supplier milk, temperatures, moisture, Ph levels effect the quality of the cheese. By having this information, your business can hone in on what makes a difference to maximise cheese quality
  • Cut & Pack – having the ability to look at production runs, yield, giveaway on fixed weight product, mass balance.

Integreater® provides you with real-time visibility for every stage of the cheese production process. It breaks down the detail for each stage and can even track where your test block is in relation to your stored pallet.

With Integreater® food productivity software in place at your dairy, traceability from cow to the supermarket will be straightforward and wastage will be minimised. You will have the level of transparency and traceability to meet the exacting standards required from supermarkets and other suppliers.

“Integreater offers more functionality than a standard MES solutions and, unlike ERP software, it has been developed by food processing experts.”
South Caernarfon Creameries.


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