Systems Integration & Integreater®
– an unbeatable combination for Campbells Prime Meats

A family-run business for more than 100 years, Campbells Prime Meat is the leading independent supplier of Scottish fresh meat, fresh fish and delicatessen to food service customers in Scotland. When the company decided to invest in food productivity software, particularly to move away from manual recording processes, it spent considerable time researching the market place.

“Visibility and traceability are particularly important to us as we run a transactionally intensive business. Campbells produces 1500 orders a day, with 5 or 6 different types of product in each one.” Stephen Sweeney, Financial Director for Campbells explained. “Our order to fulfilment time is very short. We take orders up until midnight and despatch the following morning before 6am. Everything we sell is made to order; there isn’t any line production and we despatch around 7500 items a day.

Discovering the Systems Integration difference

“We spoke to several suppliers in the market place but found that all of them had generic IT solutions they were offering to put into our food manufacturing business. These suppliers failed to understand our processes and what we are trying to achieve.

“Rob Stephens (Systems Integration) understands food manufacturing and that was the point of connection for us. What he says carries a lot of weight because he’s done our job.”
Stephen Sweeney, Financial Director, Campbells Prime Meats.

“When we met Rob Stephens, Managing Director of Systems Integration, it was different. We’d found someone from a food manufacturing business who’d created an IT solution specifically for this environment. We were impressed because he was from our side of the fence. He’s someone that understands food manufacturing and that was the point of connection for us. What Rob says carries a lot of weight because he’s done our job.”

“Campbells was assured that Systems Integration could provide the right solutions for its business, due to the winning combination of our food expertise and our specialist solution Integreater®.
Rob Stephens, Managing Director, Systems Integration.
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