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Food Productivity Software

Integreater® is a modular, factory ERP system for food manufacturers. It connects your factory floor and office - working seamlessly, no matter how many sites you have, or where they are located. Because it’s modular, it can be used to target key and complex areas, or manage your entire business. You decide how much to invest and when. The software can be integrated with existing systems and is flexible enough to adapt to your changing needs, as well as grow with your business.
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meat & livestock
parma ham

"After an exhaustive search of system providers from around the world, we chose Systems Integration because of their unique specialization in our industry (meat processing) and demonstrated ability to adapt their systems to our operations. They have a comprehensive solution, built on the latest, industry proven platforms, that satisfies our needs from the shop floor through to the back office. Their commitment to service and genuine interest in the success of our company sets them apart from their competitors." Don Finstad, Chief Financial Officer, Vantage Foods (North American meat processor).

cheese & dairy

"Integreater® was efficiently introduced to the sites in a controlled manner, seamlessly replacing the existing processes and minimising business disruption. In a short period of time Integreater® has delivered greater control and visibility of production processes across the business. SI is currently delivering tailored, on-demand reporting for different departments which is driving a new thirst for information.”
Justin Burton, Systems Administrator, Butlers Farmhouse Cheeses


"Our team have extensive experience with competing products and feel that Integreater® will enable us to take our business to a whole new level. The solution offers more functionality than a standard Manufacturing Execution System and unlike Enterprise Resource Planning software, it has been developed by food processing experts. Integreater® is a unique, long term solution, which will ensure that we have theflexibility to meet changing customer requirements and market conditions."
Robert Burgess, Finance Director, South Caernarfon Creameries
(UK cheese processor).

fish & seafood

“Falfish supply over 40 different species of fish and shellfish to customers across Europe. In order to keep produce fresh and maximise shelf life, it has to be processed within a very short time frame. We believe that Integreater® will enable us to meet this challenge, ensuring that we fulfil customer requirements to the highest possible standard.” Mark Greet, Managing Director, Falfish (UK fish and seafood processor)


“Our factory has now become faster, leaner and paperless. This has increased operator productivity while enabling us to have reliable business information that can be utilised by various managers and supervisors. We now have full control over our production processes, ensuring that we are producing the highest quality products as efficiently as possible." Louise Coulbeck, Director, JCS Fish (UK salmon specialist)


"SI worked closely with our team to programme a solution that meets our needs and integrates with our existing systems to reduce installation time, cost and upheaval to the business. The team also worked well under pressure as it turned out that the system needed to be installed sooner than we anticipated.” Wayne Barton, Engineering Director, Seachill (UK fish and seafood processor)